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Yeah, I think #Jb2013 – The Year of Jonas has really started =)))

Nick is very hardworking in the studio these days.

Many fans took several photos of Nick J going to the studio in Hollywood.

Nick looking sexy at Starbucks! @squirrels_20.

But the most exciting things  are his tweets  about the new music.

Even Joe got excited too =)))

But wait a minute.

I think you guys should take a deep breathe before seeing these amazing photos and screaming =)))))))

Yeahh!!! It’s true!!! New music is really here!!! =)))) Right in the studio!!!

@nickjonas: Live horns today… #newmusic

@nickjonas – Strings

And Wedding Bells with strings??!! Incredible. Can’t wait for the new music.

Ready to rock #JB2013 guys ❤