#JBMemoryBook: Jonas Brothers Fan Memories

Jun 10 2013 09:21 AM

We asked fans to submit their favorite Jonas Brothersmemories (photo, video, art, stories) with hashtag #JBMemoryBook, and we received thousands of submissions. We wanted to hear from fans around the world, and we did! The Jonas Brothers memories you shared were so personal, so heartfelt, and so much fun to read and flip through! We’re only sorry that we couldn’t feature all of them.

In order to see the memories collected in a cool, social magazine, you’ll need to download Flipboard for free on your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Please note that you’ll have a different viewing experience depending on whether you look at it with a tablet / iPad, or your smartphone.

After downloading, then click HERE (http://flip.it/jonasbrothers) on your device with Flipboard, to go directly to JB Memory Book magazine.

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Tap on the subscribe button (it looks like a bookmark) on the top of the magazine to save it to your Flipboard. You can then come back over and over again to relive your favorite Jonas Brothers memories.

Check out a few of the #JBMemoryBook pages below. We hope you enjoy the full magazine as much as we do!

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Some Flipboard FAQs:
• Can I create my own Jonas Brothers magazine: 
◦ YES you can. Please share it with us if you do. You will need to create an account in order to create your first magazine. You do this by tapping on the red ribbon in the upper right. 
• I want to share the JB Memory Book magazine. How do I do that? 
◦ Hit the Red Ribbon in the upper right hand corner and go to Accounts. Log into the social networks that you’d like to share the magazine on. Go to the cover of the magazine hit share and send away! 
• I can’t find the magazine again, what do I do? 
◦ If you don’t have the link to the magazine handy and forgot to subscribe to the magazine, just go to the search bar in Flipboard and type in Jonas Brothers