Surprise surprise surprise!!!!

Kevin & Dani are so excited to announce us that Dani is PREGNANT  now!!

The world sweetest couple have just shared this amazing news with the world today!!


The happy Father-to-be


The Sweet Mother-to-be


2007: Kevin meets his true love.

2009: Kevin gets married.

2014: Kevin has his first baby

Awww ❤ ❤ 🙂


Check it out their first ultrasound 😀

…and Joe’s  Instagram Edit Version

@adamjosephj Instagram edit =))) “So pumped to be an uncle. @kevinjonas and @daniellejonas first ultrasound” (p/s: Kevin really loves Starbucks :”>)


Blue for a boy and pink for a girl. So BLUE of PINK???


E!News Interview

Family, friends and fans are sharing this happy news with them too =)))

Papa Jonas

Mama Jonas

“Uncle” Joe

“Uncle” Nick

“Uncle” Mikey

“Uncle” Brian

“Aunt” Dina

Father Bucky



P/s: Will #BabyJonas name will be Madison Grace Jonas?? 😀

Are you excited?? Do you have this reaction like me ?? =))))))))))))))