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“Stars fade
Hearts break
Fair trade
Is it ever even
Don’t wait to stay awake
When you realize
That time just keeps on moving by
While you’re standing beneath and living in the dark (câu này ad chưa chắc)
So neon, neon
Burn up the sky, just like a fantasy where all I can see is
Neon, neon
Show me your light
I’m running out of time
So give me a sign 
Neon, neon, neon
Give me a sign, neon, neon, neon
Give me a sign, neon”


Jonas Brothers will peform in We Day Minnesota on Oct 8, 2013

More information about  We Day Minnesota:

I think it’s their favorite sport in winter 😀


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Part 4: Interview


Part 3: Hello Mexico 

Part 2:  JB at the airport

So happy for Mexican fans =)))

Jonas Brothers in Mexico #JB2013 😀

(We have several technical problems. The photos will be uploaded as soon as possible)

Part 1: Leaving NYC

Nick, Joe and Blanda were out in NYC.

Of course, Jonas fans never missed this chance to take photos with the boys. ❤

Btw, Nick J looked so hot with sunglasses. So did Joe with red pants 😀


Meanwhile, Kenielle together in NYC ❤

Sorry for the late update guys, I almost forgot this :”)


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