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NEON Preview:

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“Stars fade
Hearts break
Fair trade
Is it ever even
Don’t wait to stay awake
When you realize
That time just keeps on moving by
While you’re standing beneath and living in the dark (câu này ad chưa chắc)
So neon, neon
Burn up the sky, just like a fantasy where all I can see is
Neon, neon
Show me your light
I’m running out of time
So give me a sign 
Neon, neon, neon
Give me a sign, neon, neon, neon
Give me a sign, neon”

Finally here, the 2nd single of Jonas Brothers upcoming album is announced!

It’s the amazing FIRST TIME!!!



I’m sure you guys heard it in their concert in Radio City Music Hall in NYC last year. But this time is the SINGLE, the STUDIO VERSION

The new single will be released on iTunes on Jun 25, 2013.

Remember to buy FIRST TIME and tell your friends & family to support our heroes with ONLY $0.99!!!

You can listen to the preview HERE



Another exciting news:


“Want to know when our new single FIRST TIME will be here? Tune in for our LIVE CHAT on MONDAY 6/17 to find out!”

Yeah, LIVE CHAT with JONAS BROTHERS on Monday, June 17 at 7pm ET (or Tuesday, June 18 at 6am in Vietnam)

Be sure to TUNE IN and HEAR HOT NEWS about FIRST TIME, their NEW MUSIC VIDEO (maybe :))) and upcoming TOUR!



Last but not least, TOUR UPDATE:

This summer, our Jonas Brothers will rock the stage with special guest KARMIN!

Tickets buy HERE :)))


Check it out how JB promote for their friends Karmin 😀

Nick J =)))


DJ Danger Joe J =))))


Guitar hero K2 Kevin =)


Prepare for the tour

@jonasbrothers What to wear what to wear…


POM POMS on iTunes

POM POMS on iTunes


Finally here!!! After 4 years waiting, the Jonas Brothers are OFFICIALLY BACK with POM POMS!!!!!!! :’) #blessed


BUY it on iTunes RIGHT NOW!!!


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And Let’s ROCK with POM POMS!!!!

According to the latest update on, Pom Poms will be released 1 week earlier, which means on 2nd April, including single and MV.


Finally after almost 4 years waiting. Who is excited ??? xD

Here is the Official 16s Teaser from the new MV :))) Amazing. I can’t wait for it.


Playlist 5 teasers 

Now it’s time to trend #PomPoms& on Twitter & remember to buy the new single support the amazing Jonas Brothers, guys! 😀

Finally here.~~~~

After so many months waiting, now we have the official preview of Jonas Brothers new single : POM POMS

‘Pom Poms’ will be released on April 9th 2013.

So please be sure to pre-order this song on Amazon now to support Jonas Brothers.


Just to see how you get down
Feels like an earthquake
Every time you come around

Here ’em sayin’ yeah
Every time feels like a revival
So get up
Right now
We’re comin’ for the title

Oh I love it when you hands are free
Baby put your pom poms down for me

Finally after such a long time waiting, Jonas Brothers have filmed the new MV in New Orleans on Feb 16th, 2013 ❤


Now you can understand why Joe posted this photo on his Instagram, right??? 😀

I also found this fanvid on Twitter. Although it’s a little bit short but it can give us a glimpse of the new MV 😀

Here are several photos from the set of the new MV :)) Hope you like it 😀

Full photos album can be found here>>> Jonas Brothers Vietnam FB

Full photos album can be found here>>> Jonas Brothers Vietnam FB

So the new album is coming so close to us. I’m super excited xD And BTW, JB Latin America Tous starts this week, so be sure to keep updating their awesome performance :))

Have a nice week!


HOT NEW for all Jonas Brothers fans:

[Confirmed] The Jonas Brothers will film a new video in New Orleans on Feb. 16


Full article

According to a recent Facebook Casting Call, the Jonas Brothers will film a video for their new single in New Orleans on Feb. 16.

Here’s the full listing:

Batherson Casting is currently casting a Jonas Brothers Music Video that will be filmed in the New Orleans, Louisiana area.

They are seeking a “chubby” boy (Age 6-10 years) to appear in the music video on Saturday February 16, 2013. Pay rate: TBD

If you have a child or know someone who fits this description please email the following information to

Child’s Name:
Child’s Age:
Parent/Guardian Name:
Phone Number:

If your child has been chosen to be submitted to the director they will respond to you via email over the next week.

If you have any scoop about where the video will be filming i NOLA, let us know about it at!

UPDATE: They are also looking for “attractive, hip and trendy women (Ages 18-25 years) to appear in the music video on Saturday February 16, 2013.”


So the album is so close!!! I am super excited xD


Yeah, I think #Jb2013 – The Year of Jonas has really started =)))

Nick is very hardworking in the studio these days.

Many fans took several photos of Nick J going to the studio in Hollywood.

Nick looking sexy at Starbucks! @squirrels_20.

But the most exciting things  are his tweets  about the new music.

Even Joe got excited too =)))

But wait a minute.

I think you guys should take a deep breathe before seeing these amazing photos and screaming =)))))))

Yeahh!!! It’s true!!! New music is really here!!! =)))) Right in the studio!!!

@nickjonas: Live horns today… #newmusic

@nickjonas – Strings

And Wedding Bells with strings??!! Incredible. Can’t wait for the new music.

Ready to rock #JB2013 guys ❤