Lines Vines And Trying Times (2009)

  • Released: June 16, 2009
  • Formats: CD, digital download
  • Label:  Hollywood  Records


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nick Jonas explained the title, Lines, Vines and Trying Times as “a bit of poetry we came up with on the set for the TV show.” On the meaning he stated, “Lines are something that someone feeds you, whether it’s good or bad. Vines are the things that get in the way of the path that you’re on, and trying times — well, obviously we’re younger guys, but we’re aware of what’s going on in the world and we’re trying to bring some light to it.” He noted, “this new album for us, I wouldn’t say it’s a big jump, but it definitely is a progression in our music and a growth for us. It has a lot more kinds of horns and a lot more strings.” Added Joe Jonas, “there’s more to the music rather than just a typical kind of relationship song.”

In another interview, Nick Jonas explained that the album is “our journal in songs,” mostly about “all things we’ve gone through, personal experiences we get inspiration from.” He also added that “we’ve also been working on trying to use metaphors…to kind of mask a literal thing that happens to us.” Kevin Jonas also added that “the overall message is its the same old Jonas Brothers, in a sense” and that they will be adding “different musical instruments that are going to add and build to the sound we already have.” Musical influences for this album include Elvis Costello, Nickelback, The Zutons, Coldplay and Neil Diamond. (Wikipedia)


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “World War III” Nick Jonas 3:13
2. “Paranoid” Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Cathy Dennis 3:39
3. “Fly with Me” Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Greg Garbowsky 3:54
4. “Poison Ivy” Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, G. Garbowsky 4:09
5. “Hey Baby” (featuring Jonny Lang[32]) Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Michael B. Nelson 3:19
6. “Before the Storm” (featuring Miley Cyrus) Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Miley Cyrus 4:26
7. “What Did I Do to Your Heart” Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas 3:17
8. “Much Better” Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas 4:36
9. “Black Keys” Nick Jonas 3:48
10. “Don’t Charge Me for the Crime” (featuring Common) Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Ryan Liestman, Common 3:59
11. “Turn Right” Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas 2:48
12. “Don’t Speak” Jonas Brothers, John Fields 3:55
13. “Keep It Real” Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas 2:51
Total length:
Bonus track
No. Title Writer(s) Length
14. “Infatuation” (Jonas Brothers) Jonas Brothers 3:30
Japanese bonus DVD
  1. “Paranoid (Music Video)”
  2. “Paranoid (Making of the Video)”
  3. “Album Photo Behind The Scene”
  4. “TV ‘JONAS’ Behind The Scene”


Music video

1. “Paranoid”
Released: May 12, 2009

2. “Fly With Me”

Released: June 9, 2009

The song was first used during the end credits of the movie Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian.

3. “Keep It Real”

Released: September 8, 2009 (MV: Sep 6)

 The song was first used during the JONAS episode “Keeping It Real”

Album photoshoot