The Jonas Brothers performed LIVE for an intimate group of fans at the Z100 Studios in New York City.


The Jonas Brothers are back!

After a three-year hiatus, Kevin, 25, Joe, 23, and Nick, 20, are heading back to the stage together, but don’t expect to see the same teen heartthrobs! These days the guys are all grown up.

Since their last album together, it was every Jonas for themselves. Kevin and his wife of three years, Danielle, hit the small screen on their reality show “Married to Jonas” and are currently expecting their first baby. Meanwhile, Joe struck out his own and released a solo album, “FastLife,” in 2011. Nick tried his hand at Broadway, nabbing a role in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” last year and working on his own solo career with his band, Nick Jonas and the Administration.

They had their individual fun, but now that the crew is back together, they’re busy putting their teen image in the rearview mirror and churning out new music like their rowdy party anthem “First Time,” the first single for their new album, “V,” hitting shelves later this summer.

Yahoo! Music caught up with the JoBros during a live performance at Z100 in New York City to get the scoop on Disney secrets, how they plan to party for Nick’s 21st birthday on September 16, and the trick to staying out of trouble.


What’s the transition been like from boys to men?
: It’s been a natural one since that is kind of the case with anyone in life. I think with our music, we needed to take some time off. … We were able to work on individual projects and live lives. Then we could come back and write about it and be the people that were are today. I think we all needed it. I think it has really played a huge contributing factor into the music and especially this album, “V.”





There’s been a lot of talk about how growing up “Disney” was like high school. Is that true?
When we were working with Disney, it was like a little high school because you see other Disney stars, actors and musicians all the time for events. Whether it was opening up a roller coaster or being at awards shows – we like to call it red carpet friends. You shake hands and you give a bro hug to someone you don’t see all the time. But, I think it was definitely a fun experience to be a part of that group of people.

If Disney had a “high school reunion,” would you go?
It’s kind of like there is one right now. Thinking about the music and the Top 40 and what’s going on: you got Selena, you got Miley, you got us, you got all of these other people that are making music. It is interesting to see all of this music coming to a different place. Whether we’d go to reunion, I don’t know.

Nick: Sure. We’d go for the food. And the fellowship. And the drinks.

Joe: Lots and lots of drinks.

Drinks? You’re turning 21 pretty soon, Nick. How will you celebrate?
I am going to drink! A lot probably.

Kevin: We’ve each had pretty amazing 21st birthday parties so I think this one is going to be the one to take the cake. We can’t give too much away because it is still a surprise.

Nick: It’s not really a surprise. I am kind of in on the plans, but for everyone else it is going to be a surprise. But I am sure you’ll hear about it.

Joe: Probably New York City. We’ll see.

Nick: Maybe. It’s a good place to have it.

You’ve all dodged some of the normal missteps that other teen stars have made, why do you think that is?
We’re hiding drugs.

Nick: What an answer.

Joe: We really never had any interest in doing crazy stuff. Plus the biggest excuse on our behalf is that Twitter and MySpace were just taking off when we started 10 years ago. You think about the artists that are 17 or 18 or act like they’re 13. They don’t really have it as easy. People have got them under a microscope and they’re waiting for them to make their next move. I think there are a few things where maybe we got lucky here and there, and people don’t know some of our secrets, but you know we also never really had an interest.


What’s a secret?
 One secret? You just want one?

Yeah … like have you ever skinny-dipped?
That’s not even crazy.

Nick: That’s an every day event.

Kevin: I think that we always thought things were a bigger deal than they actually were. We would always overthink everything.

Joe: On my 21st birthday, I remember I got iced – you know Smirnoff-Iced. Like seven times.

Kevin: Oh my god. It was so bad. I don’t even know who decided that that was a good call.

I remember freaking out that people were going to find out. But now it is like, really? Why did we care so much?

You started singing together 10 years ago — do you feel old?

 Here’s what I feel. This sounds really dumb because we’re all very young. But I feel like even just three years of not doing this and coming back, it took me at least a minute to be like, “Wow this is kind of insane.” Our schedule, this whole thing is pretty intense.

Kevin: Yeah, it’s definitely intense.

Nick: I go right to sleep as soon as I am on the bus. There’s no hanging out. It’s bedtime.

What made you guys come back together?
What made us come back together is the feeling that all of us missed this. The great thing about having two bandmates is that you have a support system within it. When you’re doing stuff on your own, it is all on you. Also, we really do love what we’re doing together, musically. I’d say that when it comes to solo projects in the future, we won’t count it out because it may happen. But this will always be there. The brothers. We know we can always come back to this and continue to make music and do things together.

There are a lot of boy bands out there. Are there any you like?
We have some love for One Direction. We think they’re doing some cool stuff. They’re nice guys so we’re happy for them.

Clearly you’re big pop stars — can you do some of the same things other big stars do? Like, can you twerk?


Have you ever worn a grill? Or would you ever?
 No! Never.

Would you ever paint your car the same design as your shoe?
 (Laughing). Umm…

Nick: Yeah my shoes are blue and my car is blue.

Kevin: Black? My shoes are black! Yeah.

Would you ever create an alter ego?
 Yes. Definitely.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you to sign?
: Their body parts.

Kevin: Their body.

Joe: Someone’s ass.

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